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Golden Egg
(9 mins) 2016

A pet bird goes through a trouble time with its greedy owners.
In competiton:

Animage Intl Animation Festival, Brazil 2016
Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation, Canada 2016
Roshd International Film Festival, Iran 2016
18th Digicon6, Singapore 2016
Fantoche Intl Animation festival, Switzerland 2016
Animator 2016, Poland 2016
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, Japan 2016
Chester Intl Film Festival, UK 2016
Golden Kuker-Sofia, Bulgaria 2016
Animocje, Poland 2016


Panorama, Melbourne Intl Film Festival, 2016

Animation Nights New York, USA 2016

Curry Fish Head
(7 mins) 2014

A story of a girl in midst of ever changing landscape of Singapore from late 60’s to present day.


Country Best Award, IOFF, Bangladesh 2016
Best Technical Production,
HSFC, Singapore 2016
2nd Runner- Up
HSFC, Singapore 2016

In competiton:

Libélula animation festival, Spain 2016
Goldensun Short Film Festival, Malta 2016
Animasyros Intl Animation Festival, Athens 2014
FIA, Uruguay 2014
16th Digicon 6, Singapore 2014

SJ50 Film Festival, Singapore 2016
Obscura Festival of Photography, Penang 2016
Art in Your Neighbourhood, Singapore 2016
National Day Celebrations, Singapore 2016
'Something to Write Home About' , New York 2015
Esplanade, Singapore 2015

Panorama, Animamundi, Brazil 2014
11th Singapore Short Cuts, Singapore 2014
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Amsterdam 2014

Golden Glasses
(4 mins) 2012

A film about Competition Commission of Singapore.


First Prize, CCS competition, Singapore 2012
Frog in a Well
(5 mins) 2011

The famous classic story retold with a modern twist.

Digicon 6 Creativity Award,
Japan 2011
Finalist, Digicon 6, Singapore 2011

In competiton:

Spectrum Film & Television Online Festival, 2016
Tehran International Silent Film Festival, Iran 2016
Neum Animated Film Fest, Bosnia 2012
Cortoons, Rome, Italy 2012
Athens Anim Fest, Greece 2012
Magma Mostra Di Cinema Breve, Italy 2011
Istanbul Animation Festival, Turkey 2011
FIA, Uruguay 2011
Xiamen Intel Animation Festival, China 2011


Esplanade, Singapore 2015

Panorama, Animamundi Brazil 2012
IndPolar International animation fest Hong Kong 2012
9th Singapore Short Cuts, Singapore 2012
Animation Nation, Singapore 2011
Animation in Asia, NTU, Singapore 2011
U+ Arts festival, SMU,Singapore 2011

My father is a Washerman
(8 mins) 2009

A washerman struggles with an evil scarecrow who tries to snatch kite from his son.

2nd Runner up,
KL Intl short film fest, Malaysia, 2012
First prize, Digicon, Singapore 2009
Most Voted by the Public Award, FIA, Uruguay 2011

In Competition:

Neum Animated Film Fest, Bosnia 2012
Kualalumpur internl Sort FilmFestival, Malaysia 2012

Istanbul Animation Festival, Turkey 2011
FIA Stockholm, Sweden 2009
Muuuvi Fest, Romania 2009
ANIMA’09, Argentina 2009
DigiCon Tokyo, japan 2009
Imaginaria Film festival, Italy 2009
ASIFA Intermational Day, Mumbai, India 2009
Corona Cork Film Festival, Ireland 2009
Black Nights Film Festival, Tallin, Estonia 2009
Festival De Cine Bogota, Columbia 2009
Asian Animation & Comic Contest, China 2009
Uppsala International Short Film Fest, Sweden 2009
Etiuda& Anima, Poland 2009
Poff Tallin, Estonia 2009

Interfilm Berlin, Germany, 2011
Video and animation fest, The Guild, Mumbai 2011
Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, 2011
Singapore Art Museum 2011
Pusan Interantional Festival, Korea, 2009
Animation Nation, Singapore 2009
AnimaFest, Chech Republic 2009

(6 mins) 2007
A story about a girl and a tree.

Mopti Award Nominee
, Klik Amsterdam 2008
Finalist, ANIFest 07, India 2007
Prize of effort, Digicon competition, Singapore 2007
Finalist, Asian Animation & Comic Contest, China 2007

In Competition:

Anim’est Romania 2009
Muuuvi  Fest, Romania 2009
Anima Mundi, Brazil 2008
Taiwan International Animation festival 2007

Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore 2011
Video and animation fest, The Guild, Mumbai 2011
Hiroshima International animation festival, Japan 2008
Animation Nation, Singapore 2008
Istanbul Animation and Special Effect festival, Turkey 2007
Magma Film Festival, Italy, 2007
Cortoons - Rome, Italy 2007
International animation film festival of Potenzia, Italy 2007
Little Windows
(3 mins) 2006

A journey of lovers from big to a new small world.

Prize of effort
, Digicon competition, Singapore 2006
Finalist, Animatu, Portugal 2007

In Competition:

Taiwan International Animation festival 2007
Cao Amarelo, Portugal 2007
Singapore International Film festival - Singapore 2006
Elephant: OK
(5mins) 2005
Entering a forest where everyone is approved aselephants, a real elephant finds it difficult to provehimself an elephant

Honourable Mention
, Digicon, Singapore 2006
Special Jury Prize, Intl Film fest - Singapore 2005
Silver award, Comgraph Singapore 2005

In Competition:

London International Animation Fest, UK, 2006
Bangkok International film festival, Thailand 2006
Anima Mundi - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2005
KAFI - Michigan, US 2005
Cortoons - Rome, Italy 2005
Melbourne International Animation Fest, Australia 2006
Hongkong Short film festival, hongkong 2005
Schlingel film festival, Cheminitz, Germany 2005
Magma Film festival, Acireale, italy 2005
Etiuda& Anima, Poland 2005
Screenings :

Best of Animation, Trickfilm Fest, Stuttgart 2012

Film festival - Singapore 2007
Cao Amarelo, Portugal 2007
Animafest, Zagreb, Croatia 2006
Animation Nation, Singapore 2006
Animation Nation, Singapore 2005
Animasi Film Festival, Indonesia 2007
(5mins) 2002
An office lady's brief escape from her mundane life
In Competition:

Etiuda& Anima, Poland 2005
PISAF animation fest, S.korea 2004
Anima, Brussels, Belgium 2004
Toonz animation fest, Kerala, India 2003
Matita Film festival, Italy 2003
Wiesbaden Interl weekend of Animation, 2003
Screenings :

Night Festival, Singapore 2012
Singapore Art Museum 2011
Annecy Panorama, France 2003
Hiroshima Animation Festival, Japan 2004
Animation Nation, Singapore 2005
Animasi Film Festival, Indonesia 2005
The Last Drop
(6 mins) 2000
The film tells a story of a lost chance of human to survive on this planet.
Festival Screenings:

Singapore Animation Programme, Tokyo, Japan 2016
Animasi Film Festival, Indonesia 2005
Animation Nation, Singapore 2005
Annecy Panorama, France 2001
Sky Lounge, National Museum Australia 2003
POFF tallin, Estonia 2001
Tehran animation festival 2001
Leipzig documentary and animation Fest, 2001
Music Asia Fillers
(2mins) 1997
TV identity shorts
The Last Resort
(6mins) 1994
A story about rural urban migration, Graduation Film
Festival Screenings and prizes:

2 nd prize
, intern'l video film festival, kerala, India 1995

His Master's Choice
(8mins) 1993
A film about Anglo mania, student project

Festival Screenings:

Annecy, Indian Animation, 2008
Annecy , student competition, France 1994